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New Vehicle Inventory Control

JMS Automotive Consultants, LLC are now offering new vehicle inventory control though GM’s Global connect.

Monthly Fee includes the following:

  • Configure new units based on GM’s Inventory Balancing Tool for your market

  • Place orders during GM’s Run Pass One each Thursday

  • Make sure all orders meet GM’s Constraints for that week

  • Confirm on the following Tuesday that the correct orders get placed

  • Raise desired quantities to earn extra units

  • Have buildable orders in the system to cover extra allocation

  • Submit Consensus twice a month



1-25 Units                    499.00

26-50 Units                  899.00

51-75 Units                  1299.00

76-100 Units                1599.00


Free up your managers to do what you pay them to do……………………. SELL CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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