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JMS Philosophy

Don’t let the factory dictate when you sell cars!

If the incentives for that month are not good, guess what?…  Poor Sales. One thing for sure is the used car market. With an average of 40,000,000 used cars sold every year versus around 17,000,000 new cars sold, Do the math which market do you want to be part of?

The used car market makes up about 70% of the total automobiles sold in the United States. We believe in a very simple process of turning your inventory about 10 to 12 times a year while pricing your pre owned inventory at or below market price and having a strong online presence by using Autotrader, and Car Gurus. And don’t forget one of the biggest mistakes dealers make is pricing the unit once and forgetting about it. Pricing on used cars should be changed at least once a week. If you are not following this process you are not in the used car business. The days of taking a car on trade, reconditioning it and marking it up 3500 dollars are gone. Now a days it’s all about turning the unit fast and making it on the back end.

That’s not only part of the equation. The biggest part is where do I source these used cars and how do I get them to the dealership and on my lot ready for retail.
The last part of the equation is time!!! I hear this a lot from my dealers. With all the effort that goes into your typical work day at a dealership my managers don’t have the time to buy cars at the auction, they may start the day off with looking at the auction run list but really never get time to fully analysis the list and end up buying the wrong units just to have cars on the lot or not even buying anything at all because they got sidetracked and the online auction ended. Does this sound familiar ????

Let JMS Automotive Consultants, LLC help you with sourcing pre-owned cars, trucks and SUV’s at the right price and with a fast turn rate for your market.

Automotive Consultants
Save Time
Save Time
Stock the right inventory
Stock the right Inventory
Sall More Cars
Sell More Cars
Automotive Consultants
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